Whether they are visible or not, each element of our watch straps has been refined to the very end.

Our objective is to bring you the little “touches” that will amaze you!

aquastar deepstar vintage with a taupe grey LUGS strap

3-layers structure

The structure of our straps is composed of 2 layers of very high quality leather affixed on each side of an additional central reinforcement. This reinforcement guarantees them exceptional durability and resistance to deformation while maintaining exceptional flexibility.

Saddle stitch sewing

This stitch must be made with two needles attached to the ends of the same thread. It is characterized by an inclined point and a small space between each point.

Multi-layer tinted edges

The edges of our straps are all tinted in colours that perfectly match the colour of the leather used, and this in 3 layers for a perfect finish. This provides an truly great aesthetic result compared with clean cut edges and left raw.


Threading consists in marking the leather hot, along the edges, using a threading iron.